Umbrella/Excess Liability

Sometimes Additional Coverage is Well Worth It

No one expects to be sued.  But, if it happens, the financial impact can be devastating.  Judgments from liability lawsuits can far exceed the coverage limits on the primary insurance you may have on your home, auto and other property.  If you ever have to pay such a judgment, a personal excess liability policy can close the coverage gap, and safeguard your assets.  Limits are available from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

Extensive Coverage:  A personal excess liability policy is sometimes called an “umbrella” policy because it provides you with far-reaching coverage.  This valuable policy offers the added protection you may need if you are held liable in situations such as when someone is:
• Injured on your property
• Injured in an accident involving your auto, boat, recreational vehicle or snowmobile
• Injured in a skiing or biking accident
• Injured in a hunting or fishing accident

The coverage can even extend to provide protection for other financially-crippling liability claims that may not be covered by your other policies, including:
• Defamation of character
• Libel or slander
• False arrest

Legal Defense Costs:  If you ever have the misfortune of being sued, the defense costs alone can be staggering.  Coverage can include:
• Defense costs
• Lost wages, if the carrier asks you to appear at a hearing or testify in court
• Interest on unpaid judgments
• Premiums on appeal bonds
• Reasonable expenses incurred by you