Condominium Insurance

You found the right condominium.  Shouldn’t you have the right protection?

Protect the care and expense you’ve put into your home with a condominium policy that reflects your specific needs.

Replacement Cost Coverage:  Replacement Cost is the amount necessary to repair or replace your condo and personal property without any deduction for depreciation, up to the amount of coverage purchased.  Policies can provide coverage including possessions, building improvements made to your unit, structures at your residence that you own privately, and property that’s your responsibility under a property owner’s agreement.

Personal Property:  Discuss your inventory of personal property with your USI Affinity representative.  Together, you can determine the right policy for your lifestyle.  For example, some policies provide coverage for your personal property anywhere in the world, for any cause of loss that is not excluded.  For example, special coverage may be available for personal computers, jewelry, memorabilia, gold and silverware, or even backup of sewer, drain or sump pump.

Loss Assessment Coverage:  As a property owner with shared community resources, some community property or liability losses may not be covered by the property owners association’s master policy.  Why worry about gaps in protection?  Policies are available to ease your worries by customizing your loss assessment coverage to protect you for your share of a loss.

Personal Liability:  A range of liability coverage options are available for personal injury, and property damage to others for which the law holds you responsible.  Many policies also cover legal defense costs.  If you desire higher limits than standardly available, a higher limit umbrella policy may be the best choice for you.

Flood:  Even minor flooding could result in significant financial loss.  To protect yourself from the unpredictable destruction brought on by flood, consider flood insurance from a variety of available carriers.

Save Money!  Discounts are available from many carriers for:  Staying claim free for set periods of time (varies by carrier), purchasing multi-policy coverages such as a home & auto package, or installing safety and security devices in your home.