Valuables & Jewelry Insurance

Most standard homeowners policies restrict the amount of coverage and the types of loss on valuable property.  As a result, your most cherished items, such as your wedding ring or art collection, may not be properly protected.  With Scheduled Personal Property coverage, you can minimize your risk of loss for your family‚Äôs treasured items.  Speak with your USI Affinity representative about coverage for:

  • High value items such as jewelry, artwork, collectibles and more
  • Items can be covered individually or in total by group
  • Coverage up to 100% of the limit of insurance selected
  • Coverage for more causes of loss than most homeowners policies
  • Coverage beginning at first dollar of loss
  • Automatic coverage for certain newly acquired items (e.g. jewelry, furs, golf equipment) when you inform the carrier of your purchase within 30 days.