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USI Insurance Services - Personal Risk Services

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to the find the personal protection coverage you need, whether it’s for your car, your home, or everything in between. USI offers you a reliable way to find out if you are getting the right coverage for you and your family. Best of all, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free.

Auto Insurance

When it comes to your auto insurance, you should be getting the right coverage at an affordable price. With so many providers to choose from and so many coverage options available, just the thought of shopping around can be overwhelming. But with USI, we do all the work for you by leveraging our relationships with many of the nation’s top insurance carriers to compare the best offers all at once. We can provide discounted policies that cover

  • Auto theft, windshield, fire, and vandalism
  • Collision and property damage
  • Bodily injury and lawsuits
  • Towing and rental reimbursement

You don’t need to wait for your next policy renewal to take advantage of this program – see if you could start saving today!

Homeowners Insurance

Has it been a while since you looked at your homeowners insurance? Wouldn’t you like to know if you’re really getting the best value for your dollar? With USI, you can compare rates from many of the nation’s top insurance carriers all at once to find your best offer. Considering that your home may be the most substantial asset in which you’ll ever invest, you’ll want to think about protecting it in the event of:

  • Accidental fire, vandalism, and certain weather conditions
  • Theft or damage to your personal property, both on and off the premises
  • Certain accidents or injuries that occur on your property

Our dedicated consultants work with you to provide a choice of carriers and varied coverage options for your homeowners insurance needs. And if you need renters or condo insurance, we’ve got that covered for you too!

Personal Umbrella

That umbrella you keep in your car may protect you from the rain, but it can’t protect you from life’s unexpected catastrophes. USI can provide you with protection from lawsuits related to accidents and property damage beyond the coverage you get with homeowner or auto insurance. Imagine if any of the following happened to you:

  • You cause a car accident in which others are injured and their medical bills are much more than what your insurance covers.
  • Your child makes several “disparaging” false remarks about her teacher online and the teacher sues you for personal injury at a cost of $750,000.
  • The concrete on the hillside of your property falls into your neighbor’s home, knocking it from its foundation, resulting in a $970,000 claim.

Sadly, these are real situations that have occurred. Now is the time to add that extra layer of protection before it’s too late. Protect your family, home, and lifestyle from the unexpected with an umbrella policy.